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San Diego Zoo

They say San Diego Zoo is the best Zoo in the world and they are right!

But let’s start at the start. While we were overseas at the beginning of the year I had a cold, then I thought maybe I had the flu then I was so disgusting I figured I had entered chest infection territory. I finally felt so sick that after arriving in San Diego at lunchtime I immediately went to bed when we arrived at the DoubleTree Downtown and there I stayed until the following morning when we were set to go to San Diego Zoo (I was pretty shattered about giving up our plans to do a little San Diego sightseeing and bar hopping too – it was our only night to do so.) My mammoth sleep session had not stunned the sickness out of me and I conceded I needed to visit a doctor. My husband did a little research and we found a doctor’s office about a 20 minute drive north of San Diego that would only charge me $120 (pennies compared to some of the quotes in the city.) My husband, brother and I bundled into the car and headed out there. We arrived about 9:45am and I remember saying to my husband “with a bit of luck we’ll be at the Zoo by 12-1.”

Err, no. Suffice it to say it took a lot longer than that. I was diagnosed with a bad sinus infection and a minor ear infection and by the time we finally got out of there, waited for my prescription, discovered it was incorrect, had the doctor’s office contact the pharmacy and picked up the additional medication we arrived at the Zoo at 3pm. If we had another day in San Diego we’d have given it a miss and gone the next day but we did not. This was the only day we had so we barrelled in there to see what we could with about 2 hours.

I would not recommend this as a way to see San Diego Zoo. I would recommend that you plan your day, arrive at opening time and enjoy a leisurely pace. But we couldn’t, didn’t and didn’t have time so we each put forward a creature we wanted to see (all three said bears – Australians, huh?) and hit that Zoo like a freaking cyclone. With just two hours, I am not only happy with how much we got through – I am impressed!





P1310562Our first sighting of the Grizzly! He had a little bird in his sights…






P1310645Just for fun! The benefit to being there right at the end of the day is that you can jump into the kids’ areas without stepping on any little toes.







P1310741A little bit odd but actually much appreciatedĀ as we were racing around at full speed!













We left heartily agreeing that although we had not ended up having enough time to ‘do’ the park the way we’d have liked to we were happy that we had gone. After all, it’s not every day that you’re in San Diego even if you are riddled with illness!


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