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My San Francisco

When we visited San Francisco recently we visited for a conference. That meant that we had precious little sightseeing time and I tried to use it wisely. I think this is the one and only time I have visited a city and not one single museum or gallery! The top of my list?

1. A drive across the Golden Gate Bridge
2. The Painted Ladies at Alamo Square Park specifically and lots of staring up at San Franciscan architecture in general
3. Fisherman’s Wharf
4. Lombard Street
5. An afternoon in The Mission including a visit to Humphry Slocombe’s

(I also wanted to go to Alcatraz but that was bumped from the list very quickly. We tried to buy tickets when we arrived and it was sold out for the next three weeks! I would never have thought… oops…)

I did all but one of these and unfortunately that one was one of the things I was looking forward to most, an afternoon in The Mission but I was struck down with illness while away and ended up with a bad sinus infection and a mild ear infection. SO I WILL SIMPLY HAVE TO GO BACK ONE DAY!

So here’s the thing about San Francisco. It is bloody beautiful. Want to see my pics from our afternoon wanderings of Alamo Square and Lombard Street? I knew you would and I do not care to disappoint!

We made our way to Alamo Square late afternoon-ish on Sunday after attending conference sessions. I’d wanted to be there earlier but actually, it was kind of great being there and seeing the neighbourhood hitting the park for sunset. I was there for the Painted Ladies, but the view behind toward the city was also pretty great and as it started dropping we could see why folks had gathered.

We didn’t hang around through, as much as we wanted to. Instead we idly wandered some nearby streets, enjoying the mild afternoon and the beautiful San Franciscan architecture, before jumping in a cab to Lombard Street.













This image isn’t too good because I took it out of the back of the cab but I just had to. This street was so steep and I just really felt like I was in a movie!





The view of Coit Tower wasn’t bad from there either!

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