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Sleepover in Maleny: Maleny Views Cottage Resort

When we booked our accommodation for the wedding we attended in Maleny I was rather excited about it. You see, it wasn’t at all cheap. So we arrived and it was nice, it just wasn’t as great as I was expecting given the price.

First up, the ‘free WiFi’ is 300mb per room per day. For folks like us who work on the road we had chewed that allowance up by 8am, we travel with portable WiFi so no problem for us but could be for others. Second, the rooms were nice but the air con didn’t cope (and it hit 41 degrees Celcius.) Thirdly and this is what really got me, the bathrooms were very strange. The vanity was okay I guess and I do like a little shelving space but the shower was awful. It was one like you would see on a boat where you get in to this plastic cubicle and the door closes you into this neat little box. It was like being in a vacuum sealed bathtub that had been tipped onto it’s side.

The pool was also a little more surburban backyard style than I expected but was clean and a very welcome relief on those hot days!

In saying all that, the beds and pillows were very comfortable. There was a Bali hut with the most beautiful views across the Hinterland and the staff were absolutely lovely, with nothing a problem.







All in all, we enjoyed our stay in Maleny. It is, after all, an absolutely beautiful part of the world. Have you been to Maleny?

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