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His Boy Elroy: Review

Since my husband and I started our company, we’ve had a little bit of travelling to do. One of the places we frequent these days is Wollongong, on the NSW South Coast. We visited last week and although the weather was crap the burgers were good.

We left Sydney at a sparrow’s fart and finished with our meeting at about 11:45am. Hungry and weary, we drove into Wollongong fairly listlessly until I remembered I had heard about a good burger place, His Boy Elroy. I checked it in Google Maps and we weren’t far so we pulled the car into a parking space and followed the map to our destination.

Not really knowing where we were going we trotted aimlessly through the mall looking for Globe Lane and spotted this big sign:


So we were fairly sure we’d found the right place! His Boy Elroy has a really great vibe and a fun Americana theme and deliberately unrenovated ceilings but there was a distinct lack of The Jetsons memorabilia and in actual fact there was quite a bit of Popeye business going on. Is there some kind of connection here I am not aware of? Am I not hip enough? Probably not.

We each ordered a Budweiser, my husband ordered the Fat Boy burger and I ordered the Cheeseburger, both with a side of fries. At $13 and $11 respectively, with an additional $3 a head for the fries it was a somewhat expensive burger + beer experience.

The food arrived quickly and the burgers were pretty delicious but at those prices (and especially with one of them being called the Fat Boy) they were small. Well, they were a good size really, I didn’t leave feeling as though I needed to roll away but I did feel they were too exxy for their size. They were yum though, the meat was perfect and they were a good amount of oozy and delicous.



Have you been to His Boy Elroy? What’s your verdict and will you be back?

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