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A Long Lunch at Palm Beach’s The Boathouse

Last weekend we had our first wedding anniversary and on Monday we decided to head up to the Northern Beaches to celebrate in the place where it all went down one year ago.

We married at Whale Beach and enjoyed our reception at Moby Dicks Whale Beach which is ironic as my Mum used to go to dances up there as a teenager and later on she went to Jazzercise there when I was small (we lived in nearby Avalon.) The Boathouse is owned and operated by the same good folk that run Moby Dicks which is awesome as it provides us with a little taste of our wedding day.

The day we went up there was the first official school holidays so I thought it would be a good idea to arrive a little later than originally planned. I don’t know if it was busy earlier but it was definitely still hopping when we got there about 2pm! The Boathouse is also located right next to the part of Palm Beach that is also known as Summer Bay and unfortunately (or fortunately if you’re a big fan) they were filming on Monday.

The Boathouse is the kind of place that just makes you feel as though you’re on holidays as soon as you enter the front garden part of the restaurant. The blue Cape Cod chairs and the fruit and flower stands at the front make it seem like you’re at the markets, or a BBQ. The tone is jovial. This part out here is pretty but we always head out to the balcony part of The Boathouse to see if there’s a table available. It’s here that we are treated to the most amazing uninterrupted views of Pittwater and the seaplanes landing. It always feels like a party out here.

I had a Croser sparkling, which we also drank at our wedding and Todd had a Phillip Shaw Chardonnay (how gorgeous is the anchor on the glass,) which we also drank at our wedding, while we waited for our food. It was a perfect Northern Beaches day, with the water sparkling and dancing around us. Our food arrived and was excellent, as usual. I had the fish and chips which is honestly more than enough for two but Todd is allergic to shellfish and cannot eat fish from restaurants lest it have been cooked / prepared near shellfish so he had the burger. Both were absolutely delicious.

We finished our food but weren’t quite ready to leave so enjoyed one last cheeky drink in the sunshine before we left Palmy. When you sit at The Boathouse, on a perfect afternoon like this one was, just enjoying the serenity and general merriment it honestly feels like one of those ads on TV where everyone is laughing and the sun is glinting in all the right places while glasses are clinked cheerfully in the background.

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We grabbed a takeaway coffee before leaving The Boathouse and on our way home we stopped in at Whale Beach. We laid out towels and reminiscing about our wedding day as we idly watched a couple of surfers take on the waves. We marvelled again at how soft that Whale Beach sand is and just how quiet and secluded it is there. It is such a beautiful magical place, I can hardly believe it’s only an hour or so’s drive from the big smoke. Huh.

Have you been to Whale Beach? Do you love it as much as I do?

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