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Sydney Scene: Paper Cup

One of the best bits about living in Sydney’s Inner West is the immediate access we have to all the amazing cafes and restaurants close by. I have an ongoing list longer than both my arms of places to try and I have already shared a few of them here on the blog but I have not yet shared this little gem.

Paper Cup was located right around the corner from us when we lived in Stanmore. On the first night there a friend who lived close by popped in for a glass of celebratory champers and as she was leaving she said in passing, “by the way, Paper Cup, it’s around the corner, do great coffee and they have these sweet little morning rolls too so that could be a good stop for you tomorrow.”

She said this because on that first night we wouldn’t have the truck with all of our things arriving until the following day. We had an empty kitchen, not even a kettle, so we would be venturing out first thing.

The next day we went to Paper Cup for the first time and it was the beginning of a three year love affair with our very first local cafe. Where we live now we have local cafes, and they are great, but it will never be the same. The coffee, food and atmosphere at Paper Cup is top notch and the friendships forged during our frequent visits will be forever cherished.

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I didn’t have it on the day I schlepped over there with my camera but the Dr Shakshuka Eggs is my favourite thing on the menu although I am also partial to the smoked salmon morning roll. All the food is freshly prepared right in front of you and everything is delicious. The coffee is amazing.

Have you been to Paper Cup? Do you love it as much as I do?

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  1. TheFruitToast says:

    The Dr Shakshuka Eggs are amazing especially when they add chorizo!

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