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A Tour of My Home

We moved into our apartment in Stanmore three years ago. This apartment was not big, or glamorous, and we had no luxurious fittings to make it so, but I loved it.

In June 2013 we purchased a block of land to build a house on. That house should have been ready for us to move into earlier this year but alas life got in the way and our land has only just been registered recently. We should have moved from our apartment into that house but instead we are living in a townhouse with my brother for the interim. Who knows when this house will be ready for us!

Moving out of our apartment (the landlord sold it; so we had to go, or buy it) felt really strange. We lived there when we got engaged. Got married. We were both there when we found out we would become an Aunty and Uncle. It was a big place for moments and my heart was heavy when I closed that door for the last time. So I thought I would share some happy snaps of our home as while it wasn’t particularly flashy or admirable, it was ours. And I will miss it.

Without further ado…

IMG_6532 IMG_6525 IMG_6410

IMG_6428 IMG_6674 IMG_6437 IMG_6444 IMG_6728 IMG_6621

IMG_6605 IMG_6599 IMG_6606 IMG_6655 IMG_6452 IMG_6654 IMG_6478

Goodbye little apartment. I will miss your pretty rooftop and the view. I will not miss the hanging of the laundry on the balcony, or the absence of a dryer. I will miss your convenient location. I will not miss having only a 2 seater couch. I will miss your proximity to my favourite cafe. I will miss indulging in a sundowner on your balcony with my boyfriend who became my fiance who became husband and held all of those titles while living here. I really will miss you, you’re a part of me now.

Do you have an ex residence that will hold a place in your heart forever?

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