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Southern Louisiana From The Great Big Sky

Our first morning in New Orleans we were up early and headed out of the city to Belle Chase to climb aboard a tiny plane.


Yes, I may have been a tiny bit nervous.

We spent the morning flying over brackish and saltwater marshes and cypress swamps and saw first hand what is left of the rapidly disappearing wetlands. Fortunately we also got to witness the efforts currently in place to preserve their existence. I also learned the word ‘bayou’ and we flew by Lafitte, a town named for the infamous pirate Jean Lafitte located on the Bayou Barataria (hence my learning of the word ‘bayou’.)

When we got to our plane the pilot decreed I was the lightest of the group (snort) so I had to climb in the back. He was already on the seaplane and as he opened the door for me I realised I would have to step onto the plane which was on the water. I gingerly executed that move, then i was standing on a small and decidedly not steady bit of plane. I had to swing myself around the door to get in the other side of it. I then attempted to hike my foot onto the plane where I realised I would not be able to get into the plane in the way that you get into the car. So then I dived head first in, giggling like a banshee and hoping that the pilot would not end up having to push my butt into the plane. Eventually I made it and wriggled into my seat.









In the end it was all worth it! And it was so fun taking off from and landing on the water.

Have you been on a seaplane before? Did you enjoy it?

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