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Sleepover in Poipu Beach: Sheraton Kauai

We married in September and we didn’t have a lot of time for our honeymoon afterwards. The silly season was beginning and my high hopes of a long honeymoon were quickly abandoned. I had been wanting to have something in the vein of about three months. I never did the big trip, never lived overseas and I kind of wanted (and still want really, but that’s another story) something.

So instead of something big, we booked something good. We booked a week in our favourite place on this planet, Hawaii. With four nights in Kauai and three nights in Oahu, it was most certainly not an exhaustive trip but it was a perfect little break for us.

We flew to Honolulu with Jetstar through the night then lined up and did customs and all the extended rigmarole before hopping on our plane to Kauai. My new husband was not looking his brightest on that last plane. It had been a long trip and we were tired. Thankfully, that inter-island flight is just a shorty so we were landing in Lihue before we knew it and lining up one again, this time at Dollar to collect our red mustang convertible (what? We were in Hawaii and on our honeymoon!)


Shortly after we pulled up at the Sheraton Kauai. It was only about 12pm so we were much too early for check in. We’d pre-anticipated this so had our swimmers and sunblock within easy reach. Check in was a dream and we were presented with a complimentary voucher each for a mai tai. Immediately, we headed for the beach where we cured what ailed us by floating in the salty blue waters of Poipu Beach, chasing it with that complimentary mai tai before heading up to check out our room.

IMG_1367 IMG_1765

Our room was quite big, with a breezy ocean view and the most wonderful bed, I have not slept like that maybe ever. The bathroom was good, but could use an upgrade. The whole room was very clean and well appointed. We were lucky enough to be in an ocean view room this stay and I am so glad. The garden view rooms are across the road and when we went for a walk over there it did not seem nearly as nice as our side of the resort.

Sheraton Kauai is situated on the most gorgeous little beach. It is breathtakingly beautiful and calm enough to swim out and just float around, as I’m doing above.


IMG_1763 IMG_1760 IMG_1788 Double IMG_1776

One afternoon we booked a pool cabana and spent the afternoon laying back, having food and drinks served to the cabana (in happy hour, too!) and just generally loving life. I don’t really need to explain why now, do I?

IMG_1836 IMG_1914 IMG_1874

Our week at the Sheraton Kauai was perfection. The sunsets were amazing. The sitting on the balcony and draining a celebratory bottle was amazing. The beach, the pool, the mai tais… all amazing.


Sheraton Kauai was a perfect choice for our honeymoon. Have you been to Kauai? On your honeymoon?



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  1. The Designer says:

    That was possibly the best bed I have ever slept in!

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