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Waimea Canyon: The Grand Canyon of the Pacific

‘They’ (whoever they are) say that Waimea Canyon is the Grand Canyon of the Pacific and I can’t say I disagree with ‘them.’

On the first morning of our Hawaiian honeymoon we awoke to slightly grey skies and not the highest of temperatures so we decided to use the opportunity to jump in the car and drive out to the canyon as it wasn’t the most perfect of beach days.

We had no set plans and stopped at the Kalaheo Cafe and Coffee Company for breakfast which turned out to be one of our best decisions of our honeymoon. It was a local little joint with some of the best drip coffee I’ve had in the US and hearty and delicious food, especially the Bonzo Burrito Tortilla Wrap, so good.



IMG_1381 IMG_1383


I was quite reluctant to leave that sweet little diner but onward we went toward the mountain and our destination for the day.

Although Waimea Canyon is not really anywhere near as large as it’s nickname’s namesake there’s nothing else like it in Hawaii. Waimea Canyon stretches 22 kilometres long, 1.6 kilometres wide and more than 1 kilometre deep.

IMG_1409 IMG_1453 IMG_1428

I just loved these panoramic views of deep valley gorges and inland vistas that go on for miles and miles.

IMG_1477 IMG_1434 IMG_1495 IMG_1499

For once in my life I had not over educated myself on our destination and was happy to let the day unfold around me. After we checked out that first lookout we decided to keep going further along Waimea Canyon Drive, even though we didn’t know if we’d really find anything along the road. We stopped at a few more lookouts, including one where there was a food truck serving delicious fresh fruit where we enjoyed some coconut and the best slices of mango I’ve ever eaten.


We pulled into the carpark at Kokee State Park and couldn’t see anything of the lookout from our spot. As we stepped into the viewing area we both audibly inhaled. What an incredible sight, particularly as I had not been anticipating something so dramatic and wonderful.

I’ll just let the photographs speak for themselves I think.

IMG_1545 IMG_1591 IMG_1561 IMG_1573

Waimea Canyon stripped the breath from my body and there’s not so much that can do that. A visit to this natural wonder is necessary if you’re visiting the island.

Have you been to Waimea Canyon? Did it have as big an effect on you? Have you been to the Grand Canyon? It is definitely on my travel wishlist now!

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