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Snow Day

It snowed! It finally snowed in New York! Look at Central Park all covered in white!


I wished and hoped for the entire first week and after that very cold day in Brooklyn, I thought we might be in with a chance and what do you know, we woke up to a blanket of white over the whole city and I bustled everyone around and pointed us towards the direction of the Park. It was a genuine snowstorm and every which way I averted my eyes resulted in them being filled with snow and wind. We slushied down to the subway and made our way to Bethesda Fountain.



She looks a lot different here to the way she does in the movies doesn’t she? Since she’s not usually coated entirely in white in the movies. And often there’s some water involved in there.




We made a little snow fellow. It was too searingly cold and windy to make something a little bigger!


Central Park was truly magical on this incredible snow day. We headed there in the thick of whiteness falling from the sky so there really wasn’t a heap of people around.


There was a lot of weather to battle through and it was certainly not easy to navigate the Park in this but I had to pay homage to Balto. This sculpture was erected in honour of the sled dogs who delivered medicine into Alaska in January 1925 over the frozen tundra in blinding snow and sub-zero temperatures, saving the area from a diphtheria epidemic.  The 20 sled teams organised to make the trip was led by Balto. Balto became a national hero. and just 10 months after the successful mission, this statue was dedicated in Central Park, made by animal sculptor Frederick G. R. Roth.

It felt truly fitting to see him there with the snow resting on his nose just so.




How sweet is this little guy! We saw a bunch of squirrels running around and I am sure they were collecting their supplies, having tidily squirreled them away on gentler, sunnier days.


After we broke free of the Park on the East side of the city I just took a little moment to look around me. To feel so incredibly lucky to be seeing this amazing city in this gorgeous season. Sure, snow is wet and cold and aggressive but it is also so beautiful. And what about this guy! It was really something, to see people truly just getting on with it.

Have you seen a city capped with snow? There is something truly wonderful about it.

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  1. Todd says:

    That was a great day!

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