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Drinking on the Staten Island Ferry

Because I am cheap, and because I did not realise that you are again now able to go inside to the top of the Statue of Liberty, we found ourselves using the free Staten Island Ferry service to check out Liberty herself, rather than heading over to Liberty Island.

We got the subway down to Whitehall and rocked up to the South Ferry terminal and then we got on the Ferry. That was about it, for real. FREE TRANSPORT. I was practically having a fit at the joy of not spending money on public transport.




The trip over to Staten Island was equal parts icy and beautiful. We got to see the most amazing vistas of Lower Manhattan, Ellis Island and Liberty Island. We did not hang out in Staten Island, just did the loop and got the ferry straight back. On the trip back we beelined to the bar where we got beers and then headed outside to enjoy them with the Lady herself. You will see from the pictures, the sky cleared and the weather actually improved on the way back too. Taking in the view, from a free Ferry with a beer in hand, just felt like such an experience. On the trip back I looked all around at all the people. Being an icy January day, tourists were the definite minority on board, most of the passengers looking like they were Staten Island locals. I imagined lives for them, where they worked, who was waiting for them back home… I am creepy like that but I really enjoyed seeing people who were not only locals but getting around and doing their daily duties too.


So, without further ado, here she is.





When we got off the Ferry we headed toward the World Trade Center. Still bearing the scars of 2001, I could feel the pain in those streets. I was a little overcome so I did not take much in the way of photos, just took in all into my heart.


We were hungry and heading towards a subway when I spotted a Shake Shack. We escaped inside, a welcome relief from the chilled wind outside, and elbowed our way through to a booth. We ordered quickly, a ShackBurger for me, a SmokeShack for The Designer and a Hamburger for The Artist with a cheese fries to share. It was delicious and I would say it is worth the hype, we finished every last morsel.





What a perfect New York afternoon. I would like to go back, right now!

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