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Burgers to Write Home About

You remember that phrase? “Nothing to write home about?” Well, I would consider not only writing home but also writing to the Prime Minister about these burgers.

After an exhilarating first day in New York we were tired and hungry. We needed something easy, but there was no way I was going to get through Day 1 without crossing something off my Eats list.

Burger Joint at Le Parker Meridian seemed the perfect choice. We headed on into the fancy hotel and I marched purposefully toward the red curtain which I knew to look out for (thank you Internet.)



We turned left and saw the neon burger sign lighting up the doorway. Given the aforementioned tiredness and hunger it will be no surprise that it was not very late, not by New York standards anyway, and we were soon seated in a booth.


We practised our orders and recited them carefully. No need though, there was nobody else in the line. We carried the burgers and a pitcher of beer back to our booth and silence resumed. These were no ordinary burgers. Juicy and sloppy in perfect amounts. I looked up and one point and noticed a line had begun to form. I returned to my burger, giving it my full attention as I knew it deserved. When I looked up again the place was jam packed and the line was out the door. It seemed we had arrived at the perfect time.




I give this experience five stars. The best burger I ever did have was had in those hallowed halls and I would NOT turn down the opportunity to return!



Seeing Momofuku Milk Bar down the street we popped in to sample some treats and picked up three cookies to take home with us: the legendary compost cookie, the chocolate chocolate cookie and the cornflake chocolate chip marshmallow cookie.

We headed home on the subway (which I am getting so good at, by the way) but after we alighted at our stop we decided to get a drink on our way home. We are in New York City, after all!


Such a funny little bar it was too, a shining beacon on the street, still dripping with it’s Christmas decorations. It appeared to be some sort of converted church and there even seemed to be a staff member in some level of management working on the books in one of those high choir boxes. Only in NYC. Cheers!

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