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A Day in New York

My husband, brother and I arrived at Newark Liberty International in the evening and we finally made it to our apartment at about 8:30pm. After Sydney – Brisbane – Los Angeles – delay in Los Angeles – Newark, we were TIRED. T.I.R.E.D.

As we approached from New Jersey, New York began to take shape in front of us. I could not really snap quality photographs after 30 hours of travel and in a moving vehicle but managed to accidentally capture one out of focus gem that I think encompasses my excitement.


There she is. NEW YORK CITY!

We booked our apartment on AirBNB and were not disappointed. We had two bedrooms and more space than we could ever have even imagined 3 people having in a hotel room in Hell’s Kitchen and we were paying less than the average rate for just that – a hotel room. After inhaling a couple of pizzas and beer I fell into a sleep, and a more blissful sleep I cannot remember, I was so relieved just to finally be there.


The following morning we had a slow start and made it out of our apartment at about 12:00pm. We wandered towards Midtown and settled into Carnegie Deli for some expensive American fare.





The place was actually quite good, albeit expensive. I had the chicken matzo ball soup, The Designer had all the pastrami in New York and my brother had the grilled chicken sandwich. I also downed an egg cream, which is an awesome old school classic New York concoction of milk, seltzer and chocolate syrup. Say what you will, I LOVE THEM.

In the afternoon we headed into Central Park where we wandered aimlessly about, just loving New York in every possible way. As the light began to fade we left the Park and meandered down Fifth, in no particular direction.




We stumbled into The Plaza Food Court for a coffee and a s’more. After that s’more, I definitely wanted s’more.




Don’t you just love that feeling of the first few moments of a holiday? When the whole trip stretches out ahead of you and and you have what we’re all always striving for – time. I was spinning with jetlag but just loving every single little moment.

Our first day was truly one to remember, several perfect New York moments, making up one fabulous day.


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