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Us: Jack and Jill Wedding Shower


In the circles that The Designer and I run in there is an expected format once an engagement has taken place. Possibly an engagement party, then a bucks night, a hen party, maybe a kitchen tea or a wedding shower and finally the wedding. The Designer and I never got around to having an engagement party, at least not the usual kind. We had a dinner with the two families and called it an engagement party.

Once we’d booked our wedding venue and attentions turned to planning for that, we started talking about hen parties and bucks nights. I’ll be upfront, I am not for them. The absolutely ludicrous idea that the men are out paying women to shimmy in their laps while the ladies are out elsewhere sipping champagne from a straw tortured into the shape of a penis, it just does not do it for me. I know that each of those events sometimes follow a different format but a lot of the ones I have been to go along these lines and I’ve been to and enjoyed them and I’m not judging, but just did not want it for us.

So we talked, and we settled on not having these events. But as our wedding date drew closer I started to feel that we should do something. Thus the research into the Jack and Jill Shower began and we organised a low key afternoon one week before our wedding for both sexes of the wedding party.







And while there were no novelty straws and nobody witnessed a lap dance we did swill prosecco and enjoy company of good friends and family well into the evening.

Did you have a buck/hen party? Did you do a combined event like this? Skip it altogether? Do you LOVE that this pub has champagne saucers? I am so interested in what others have done or plan to do!

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