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Fashion Blogger? I Got This

Last week, I was lucky enough to win a double pass to Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival Opening Night with Styling You. My gorgeous friend and bridesmaid Katie came along for the ride and we had what can only be described as THE BEST time. Yes, I am fabulous now, being a fashion blogger and all, but I can still be enthusiastic.

We met at Sydney Town Hall for a sparkling wine and a chat before sneaking a peek backstage and meeting Maybelline NY’s Australian makeup director Nigel Stanislaus. Just before the show started we met the beautiful Maybelline NY ambassador Ruby Rose, who is a total peach. Do people say peach in the fashiony world? Did I just totally show myself up as a dork? No? You already knew that?


In the moments before the show began glitter suddenly and unexpectedly rained down. I imagine this was supposed to happen at the show’s finale.



As a trained makeup artist the backstage insight was really what piqued my interest but I really enjoyed the show a lot more than I expected to.


After the show we headed downstairs to The Hub where we were treated to a little Maybelline makeup refresh and my gorgeous friend was immediately spotted and papped. How beautiful does she look? Legs for days and days I tell you.


And hello there espresso martinis!! Oh my goodness these things are just SO GOOD. After the event was over there were a *few* more wines had with awesome blogging buddies Katy and Anna both of whom I was just so stoked to meet in person, finally. We put away several bottles of wine and I am sure we solved a lot of the world’s problems (the driveway conversation sticks in my mind too Katy, we really must have been animated about that one!)


And I came home with these completely awesome goodies! I am already a total convert to the Maybelline BB Cream and I am LOVING those color whispers. Oddly enough I am giving the Lust for Blush shade a really good nudge even though I am normally a bit of a red girl and originally may have actually let out a squeal when I spotted the Who Wore It Red-Er shade in my bag. Which, I might add, I also love.

Thank you so much Nikki, this was really a fantastic experience for me and one I am so honoured to have had. Truly a night to remember!

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3 Responses to Fashion Blogger? I Got This

  1. I’m so, so glad you could be there and I wish I had been able to solve the world’s problems with you Katy and Anna … but my blog called! See you again soon.

  2. Katy Potaty says:

    Totally the best fashion night ever – what an amazing time!

    Anna and I love love loved meeting you, and yes, what is WITH men and driveways?

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