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Forty Eight on the Goldy







Recently for my Dad’s birthday my family met on the Gold Coast for forty eight hours of family fun. So here I am sharing how to enjoy every second of forty eight on the Goldy.


You get to the airport early. And you admire your fresh manicure while rolling a pre flight gin and tonic.


You share another g&t with The Designer, this time in flight, and you look out the window at the pretty flying conditions.


Surfers Paradise greets you in all her glory.


Family members will be there with wine and very fun coasters.


Then in the morning you can check out the shiny American cars on display by the beach.



And you can wander down to the beach and have a little dip should the temptation arise. It is Winter but this is how Queensland does Winter.


You will crack a bottle of French, as you are wont to do, and you should not allow an amateur to issue the strawberry.


Sunday will be moody and a little bit gloomy. So you sit on the balcony and you watch a couple of lonely sailboats and yachts and you do the crossword in your pjs over three or four cups of tea.


And then you can go out for breakfast and enjoy some pretty cracking corn fritters and baconat a cafe genius enough to have married them with brie.


And you can finish the crossword there over a second coffee, with your family all around you. And you can reflect on what a sweet weekend on the Goldy it was, if a little short and overcast.

Trust me, you’ll love it. Just like I did.

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