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A Happy Birthday to Me

A couple of weeks ago it was my birthday, and although I was still a little under the weather with wisdom teeth pain it was really great to get out celebrate with my family and friends, my Aunt even helpfully suggested that I should drink a boozy dinner to help those little old wisdom teeth sites along.

As The Designer and I share birthdays only one week apart we normally blend the occasion and so feel a little inclined to make it a bit special.

We went to Beppi’s in East Sydney to mark our days this year and although I forgot to take my camera and am definitely not a food blogger/photographer we had such a great night and the food was so oh my that I really wanted to share it.




I just love the atmosphere at Beppi’s. Per the advice given from my Aunt I swilled prosecco and ordered from the softer options on the menu. The Fiori di Zucchine Ripeni con Ricotta e Funghi Porcini, zucchini flowers with ricotta, basil and porcini mushroom filling was melt in my mouth good. Every single bite and when I finished the plate I was sad. For dessert I ordered the Zabaglione al Marsala e Brandy, egg yolk whipped with marsala and brandy served with a savoiardi biscuit and I do not think I maintained generally accepted social composure as I gleefully shoveled spoonfuls of this goodness into my gob.

It was a perfect evening. Have you been to Beppi’s yet? Do you LOVE it there?

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