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Shredding Waves and Coffee

I have spent the last ten days recovering from having my wisdom teeth out. I had four pulled and I had a general anesthetic. One of them was quite bad and close to the nerve and two of them were surgical extractions. I was more swollen that I imagined the skin on my face could stretch and the pain in the immediate days that followed was something else. The antibiotics I had to take made me sick and the Panadeine Forte made me crazy. Then I got a dry socket and the entire left side of my face ached and ached to the point where I was holding the ice pack permanently to the left side of my face and crying for the agony. I got that packed and the packing was very foul. So now, ten days after surgery, I am feeling mildly human again. Certainly a shadow of my former self, but I think I can see her. In the distance. Far away. But she’s there… I think.

The good news is that it’s done. It’s needed to be done for ten years. I have known it’s needed to be done for ten years. And I have put it off for ten years. Yes, that’s right. But I finally won against myself and it is done. I have, of course, been questioning that decision for the last ten days.

Today The Designer and I went to Bondi with my parents and The Designer and my Mum jumped in for a quick surf. A shredding of the waves, if you will. Dad and I watched from the car as the rain dripped down here and there. The two surfers called it after a little while and we all went and had coffee at Speedos (glorious, glorious coffee which has only returned to my lips today after ten long days) and banana ricotta pancakes. Okay, they had banana ricotta pancakes and I dribbled just looking at them. One day I too hope to be able to eat a real meal (and if I never see a bowl of scrambled eggs or mashed potatoes again I will be happy.)











It felt so good just to get out of the apartment for a little while. Once I can eat a chicken schnitzel and drink a champagne again I will truly feel myself again.

*This is not a paid or sponsored post. My family and I paid for ourselves at Speedos but I think it is a pretty rocking cafe so I thought I’d include the link. Enjoy!

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