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On The Long Drive North

After Christmas The Designer and I begin the our trek to the Gold Coast. We can do it in a day but we did it over a few, and packed in a few more family Christmases along the way.

We picked up beer and wine and headed off to my Nan’s place to play with a gorgeous one year old, drink wine and eat some more. We’d already spent a few days eating, why stop?

The next day we picked up more beer and more wine and headed off again to my Aunt’s place, a little further up the coast. She lives on the lake and it is divine. We sat and talked and ate, of course, watching idly as the Southerly rolled in and ducking inside for cover when it began to rain. I suggested we play The Country Game, my favourite game ever, explaining that I would begin with a country and the next person had to say a country beginning with the final letter of the previous country. For example, I’d say Denmark and you, Internet, say Kenya. Or Kazakhstan. Anyway, it’s my favourite game. But my company had sank a few bottles of sparkling and quite a bit of beer by this point. My Dad whipped out his iPhone and ignored my pleas to resist the urge of all smart devices. Because there was quite a bit of cheating and helping we actually finished the game, using every single country.








We drank champagne from glasses that originally belonged to my grandmother. I’d never seen them before and they were gorgeous.

I love Christmastime. In the generous sense of say 20 December through to 1 January.

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