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I am unplugged and I am feeling uneasy about it.

My iPhone came to a grim death when it met it’s watery maker a few weeks ago and unfortunately my contract had just expired and been renewed. I say unfortunately because The Designer had recommended I give the HTC a try and I took on his recommendation with gusto before realising that phone was really not for me. He loves it because it is customisable. I hate it because the Instagram app is a bit shit. Two seconds later I dropped my iPhone in the loo.

But I got on with life, as I am wont to do, I still had a smart phone even though I find it slow and clunky. There was just one problem with my new phone. It did not seem to ring, or beep or make any kind of noise unless I had the earphones in. I asked The Designer to sort it out for me and he reported back that there was some sort of problem with the phone. I spent 578 hours* on hold with Optus for them to tell me I would just have to go into a store.

Today I went into the store where a low talker told me that my phone needed to be sent away to be fixed. I had to ask her to repeat herself 578 times** because I couldn’t understand what she was saying but we got there eventually and our meeting ended with her taking my phone away to be analysed and then fixed. It will be gone for a minimum of 2 weeks, which will probably push my retrieval date into the new year. Oh, and? They didn’t have any loan phones.

And now I am certain I am naked. I have been forcibly unplugged. In some ways it is nice, but mostly it isn’t. My brother is graduating from University tomorrow (first one in our family, parents included) and my Mum has been practicing sending picture messages all week from which I will now be excluded. But that’s okay. There is just this odd feeling lingering. I’ve never actually lost or damaged a mobile before, or even had problems with one, in the 10 years I have been in the possession of them. I have disconnected, but it’s always by choice. I have this strange sense that I have lost control without my portable little lifeline.

But the bit that’s really getting up my nose? I am still going to have to pay for this month’s inconvenience.

AND there was a spider situation today. I am not good with the old spiders, no siree. The word arachnophobia has been uttered once or twice.

What a freaking day.drunk iphone

*48 minutes

**48 times

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