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Road Trippin’

Saturday in Sutherland, Sunday in Manly, Monday in Brighton le Sands, today I am on my way to the South Coast and tomorrow in the City all from the Inner West. Work and play has me racing all around lately and it is the mark of the silly season upon us. Whoever named it the silly season anyway? Turkey, pfeffernusse, pudding, cherries, gingerbread, backyard cricket, champagne… it is the sensible season if you ask me.

Thursday night will see The Designer and I at our first actual Christmas party for the season and I am pretty excited about it. We’ve even put up our sad little tree, adorned with Ikea decorations and a little bauble picked up by my parents in Honolulu in 2008.

Do you have a favourite Christmas decoration? Or, like us, do you have one decent bauble and several little cheapies?

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