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Home for the Holidays

Our Christmases are always quite traditional. They’re never really the same, we distribute our important Christmas days between families based on what day of the week they fall on and when the holidays are around them. The last couple of years we have had our big Christmas dinner with The Designer’s family on Christmas Eve, then traveled to my family’s home in the country on Christmas Day for Christmas Night festivities. This year that plan was switched, thanks to the convenience of Christmas Day being on a Tuesday and I was able to include myself in the lead up to my family’s Christmas for the first time in about 10 years.

We spent a few gorgeous days in the country basking in the sunshine and enjoying a few too many Christmas drinks with lovely friends. As the weather rolled in on Christmas Eve my Mum and I got stuck right into the Christmas baking; every year she makes a Christmas Cake and a Christmas Pudding. Both the recipes have been handed down from my Great Grandmother.







We capped off our Christmas Eve dinner with that traditional pudding like so. You heat some brandy over the stove, then pour it all over the pudding and light it on fire. Every year when we do it I think of my Nan who loved Christmas, and especially loved the cooking. Even when she was unable to do it she would oversee the process and I still remember the dismay on her face the year my Mum used store bought custard to serve with the pudding.



Christmas Day saw us exchanging presents over coffee with ham and eggs before we hit the road and drove over the mountains through the worst fog, mist and rain I have seen in my fifteen or so years regularly using the road. It was an extra long journey, we got soaked a couple of times and we were more than a little excited to grab the champagne poured for us at The Designer’s home. Today we’re back in our apartment doing the laundry and all manner of domestic duties before we head north to visit my extended family and spend a few days in the Queensland sunshine.

Merry Christmas! Feliz Navidad! Mele Kalikimaka! I do hope yours was as good as mine.

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