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A Day in the Sun

Yesterday I had to drive to Wollongong for some work I am doing and at the last minute I decided to throw the camera in the car and check out the Sea Cliff Bridge.

It being a solo mission I knew I would not have much chance to photograph the actual Sea Cliff Bridge but I knew there would be other places to stop along the way. So after I finished up my meeting in the Gong I headed north and stopped in Thirroul for a coffee. The seaside towns dotted on the coast between Wollongong and Sydney are so pretty. I really enjoyed the bendy road and turning into the next little surf village around the bend.

It was just gorgeous, the sea to my right and Mount Ousley was impressively massive to my left, with the whole vista reminding me of Oahu. Sea Cliff Bridge is a stretch of road between The Royal National Park and Wollongong that effortlessly becomes a bridge. It is beautiful, but I have to say I think it looks quite a bit more impressive in the shots I have seen on the internet taken from high above.

On my journey I passed The Scarborough Hotel. I didn’t really have time to stop in but The Designer and I visited about 3 years ago now for lunch and a drink in the sun so I am qualified to comment; it is perfection. Seeing it reminded me how long it has been since our visit, I think we are due for another don’t you Designer?

I have done this trip quite a few times, but have beelined from Sydney to Wollongong over Mount Ousley. It was interesting to note that I was almost surprised to see Sydney taking shape in front of me, the drive had piqued my interest so greatly that I had not even noticed the time passing by.

If you had the chance to take a scenic route on an otherwise boring journey, would you?

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