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Race Day

Every year my family get involved in the Bathurst 1000, the hero of v8 racing. It is such a fun weekend, we have friends that normally stay in the hotel in the mountain and with each room being allowed 3 extras during the day, we usually have an unreal vantage point and this year was no different.

We get started on the Saturday afternoon at the Top Ten Shootout, where we sit on the balcony (hopefully in the sun) and drink champagne. Sounds idyllic, doesn’t it? Well, it is. There is no other word for it.

On Sunday we’re up bright and early, and fresh as a daisy so long as yesterday’s bubbles were French, and head back to Rydges. We start the day with coffee and we usually have a breakfast cookup in the room. This is the day where we really reap the benefits of having the hotel room. We watch the drivers expertly zoom around the track, then we duck inside to where we have the TV blaring so we can hear the commentator’s take on the lap and to keep up with what’s happening at other points of the track. See, we watch Bathurst from the lower part of Conrod Straight and anything could be going on on another part of the track at any given time which we will not necessarily know about. For example: a crash around The Esses, bad rain on the top of the mountain, or a spin out at Hell Corner. In fact, I even heard one guy on his phone saying, “would you believe I’m calling to find out who’s in the lead…”

This year Holden’s catch cry hashtag was #ibleedred, and I abused it on Twitter and Instagram quite a few times throughout the day. It was an absolute joy to behold Jamie Whincup and Paul Dumbrell take out the number 1 spot, especially as this is the last year of it being a Ford and Holden face off. Next year we will see Nissan and Mercedes take on The Mountain.

Until next year, race fans!

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  1. Glowless says:

    OMG what an unreal view! Map Guy would flip out!!! We plan on making the pilgrimage to the mountain one year, can’t wait!

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