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A Berry Nice Weekend

What? I like lame jokes. Over the weekend The Designer and I attended a gorgeous wedding in Berry, on NSW’s South Coast. I consider anything that involves me not staying overnight in my own home a destination so this was a destination wedding to me.

Actually, I have to be honest. I really consider anywhere I have to drive to to be a destination.

So when the save the date for our friend’s wedding dropped into our mailbox way back in January, I immediately hopped online to check out the available options. I wanted to try and find somewhere close to the venue. When I found Stonecrop (then known as Turpentines) I felt I had stumbled across a gem. I told The Designer I had found a house to sleep eight people that looked a little worn but the seven acres it was situated within looked very beautiful and the real clincher – it would be much cheaper than four separate motel rooms for two nights. So we booked it.

We rolled into Berry on Friday afternoon: grey and misty and well… not promising if I am honest. We picked up the keys and headed onto our house, a few kilometres out of town. As soon as we spotted the gates to the property we perked up. We ripped around the house and quickly decided we had definitely made the right choice. While old, the house was clean and huge. Each couple had their own room, including the two single guys in our group who were excited to be sharing the room with two single beds. They said they were going to do activities. I was nervous. I popped a bottle of bubbly in the name of International Champagne Day. There was no way I could let a holiday like that pass by unnoticed.

But really, the best bit about this house? An actual wood fired pizza oven. We whipped up pizza after pizza after pizza on Friday night. We worried over and kneaded the dough. We rested it. We argued about how long to rest it. We bombarded our dough with toppings. We argued over the toppings. We shoved the pizza into the oven. We did not argue over this as The Designer lorded over that oven stating only ‘fire’, as the reason for doing so. When we were full we made a dessert pizza. And on Saturday morning we weren’t finished. We rolled out that dough and we dumped bacon, eggs, sausages, mushrooms and tomatoes onto it and breakfast pizza was born.

And with Saturday morning came glorious sunshine and literally, literally, the day we had all been hoping for. The wedding was absolutely beautiful, and seeing our friends wed against such a gorgeous backdrop was very special.

And it was interesting, although not surprising, to learn that we broke the winery’s record for the amount of champagne drunk between wedding and reception. An average of a bottle per minute.

So proud. So very, very proud.

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  1. trishie says:

    That is quite a record! The house in Berry does lovely and so idyllic. Glad to hear you had a great time.

    PS: I’d like to invite to join the Bosisto’s giveaway at my blog, I have 4 lavender packs up for grabs here:

  2. 100 : says:

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