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The Other Night

The other night, The Designer and I pushed open the front door of our apartment and something was a little different. It was stuffy.


For the first time in months the air was a little thick and I crossed the room to open our balcony door there was an air of anticipation between us and a sniff of the Summer to come.

The warmer months have been trying to pop in now and again recently in Sydney. A beautiful warm morning. An unseasonable evening void of the Winter chill. But we haven’t yet really felt it at our apartment. You know how you know the effects of a season change in your home? We haven’t seen them yet. Well, before the other night anyway.

We decided to celebrate the first pang of Spring with a quiet sparkling on the balcony and a discussion about our planning for, or should I say lack of planning for, our impending nuptials. Sydney’s Inner West is blessed with an uncomfortable level of plane noise and when you live here you get used to pausing mid sentence for the noise to pass. We can also see the planes from the balcony and I suggested we get the camera out and see what we could see, so to speak.

I am pretty happy with that choice.

Although, we are no closer to making any decisions about our wedding. What kind of wedding did you have? Destination? Home? I would love to hear some pros and cons.

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