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On Rainbows and Cake

On Saturday, The Designer and I caught up with some very dear friends to celebrate a combined Engagement (ours) and Birthday. My gorgeous friend, The Sparkling Podiatrist, and her husband put together an unbelievable Spanish feast and I put my hand up to make the cake. I decided to go for the visual wow factor rather than focus on the taste wow factor as that hasn’t worked out so well for me in the past. So, in the interest of the Internet and Pinterest, I made a rainbow cake!

I have wanted to make one since I spotted one somewhere on the interwebs a few years ago. I have now seen countless interpretations and after trawling a few recipes and becoming quite confused and trying to work out the rainbow song, I just decided to buy three packets of plain butter cake mix and split them into twos. That decided the rainbow thing for me, as I would have six little cakes I made a real rainbow, and disregarded the song altogether.

On Friday morning I enlisted the help of The Designer and we got to work making little batches in pretty colours.

They were pretty wonky but I decided not to worry about that since I see buttercream as a kind of spak filler in any situation, and certainly no less in this one. Then I chucked them in the freezer.

On Saturday morning I enlisted The Designer’s help again (just quietly I think he loved it) and we made what can only be described as craploads of buttercream and smothered it all over everything. Then we popped it into the fridge for a few hours till it was time to go. I am using popped in the sense of chucked out a whole lot of crap to fit this behemoth cake in.

When we arrived at our friend’s house on Saturday evening they had decorated, made us sangria and had their sweet pup for entertainment and cuddles. Tick, tick, tick.

The Sparkling Podiatrist had made the most incredible dinner. Chorizo, stuffed bell peppers, garlic prawns, fancy little olives and the star of the show was some kind of Spanish cheese drizzled in honey and topped off with coffee. Food coma inducing goodness.

It got pretty exciting when the birthday girl cut the cake – We hadn’t told anyone what was going on inside it!

Partygoers got their Instagram on. A worthy subject, I think.

It’s not exactly Suzy Homemaker’s finest work but in the end, I was pretty damn proud.

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