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Falling down the grocery shopping rabbit hole

When US bulk buy retailer giant Costco opened on Australian shores last year I was thrilled.

I do not have children. I live in an apartment. It’s just The Designer and I and we have no real need to buy in bulk. It’s just that I LOVE IT.

I love the bargain shopping experience. Every week or so The Designer and I do a shop at Aldi. I like the Aldi branded products, and in many cases I prefer them, and I love the price. I do find the checkout experience a little harrowing; having the groceries flung at me at the speed of light always arouses the anxiety, and that’s why The Designer comes too. You should see that man pack a trolley.

And then there’s Costco. We go every now and again. I am a well versed and highly experienced bargain shopper and I go prepared, knowing exactly how much everything costs at Aldi/Coles/IGA. The Designer gets a little excited about the bulk buy items and I have learned that I need to keep him in check. We have just recently thrown away the biggest tub of vegemite known to man after not even consuming half of it over an 18 month period. But we do save. Especially in the boozy section. Croser for $18? Chandon for $17? Yes please. Then there is the toilet paper. We buy the Costco home brand Kirkland’s 36,000 rolls. Then I don’t have to buy toilet paper for months and months and months. And the passata is so good and so cheap.

And I can confirm that when warehouse shopping I do not over buy, or buy unnecessarily.

Well, maybe sometimes I do.

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