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The day I discovered FernGully

Last Friday The Designer and I hopped in the car and traveled to Kiama to visit some friends and wander around the rainforest. In my haste I stupidly forgot my camera but I got snappy with my iPhone anyway and although we did not leave with particularly good photos we did leave with particularly good memories.

We took the loop walk around the forest, spotting Lyrebirds and Eastern Water Dragons, braving suspension bridges (perfectly safe ones of course but I am TERRIFIED of suspension bridges… so it was brave for me), and when we reached the top we were treated with incredible views over the rainforest canopy and gorge.

The rainforest we visited was Minnamurra Rainforest located in Budderoo National Park but in my mind it was FernGully. I have not seen FernGully for twenty years but damn I wish I had the camera, some of these would have been peachy.

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3 Responses to The day I discovered FernGully

  1. Erin says:

    It’s absolutely breathtaking! So gorgeous it’s making me reconsider my no-nature stance …

  2. todd-flowers says:

    How good are my new sneakers… for sneaking.

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