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The Office Christmas Party

It really is a trivialised thing, isn’t it? The office Christmas Party. It is a special environment. A mass of people flung together with alcohol planted in the hands, most of whom would not enjoy the company of the others were it not for the shared need to earn money.


Sometimes office Christmas parties are 1000 people strong and other times, well I guess you’re on your own. There are around 30 people at mine. How did I make it through…

The photocopying of body parts… in my office we went offsite, so that eliminated the possibility of ANY body parts being photocopied in any capacity. For those of you who do not… good luck.

Champagne is your friend. I do believe this is self-explanatory.

Avoiding the photos… I don’t have any tips here, I didn’t really succeed. But thank goodness I can ‘untag’ them on Facebook.

Generally, it’s a good indicator that it’s time to wrap it up when the shots appear. I’ve found the best exit technique here to be the Houdini. Otherwise known as the smoke bomb. Whatever you do, just get out of there before it gets really messy (because, if you’re still there – it’s already messy).

I made it through my office party, and lived to tell the tale, now it’s your turn.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good office party!

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