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Weekend Wind Up… There SHOULD be more dancing

On Sunday morning I selfishly barricaded myself in bed. My Kindle advised I was 76% of the way through There Should Be More Dancing by Rosalie Ham. I had really enjoyed this book so far soI made a cup of tea (though probably not as good a cup as Margery Blandon) and snuggled back under the sheets to savour the last pages.

This is the first book of Rosalie Ham’s I’ve read and I truly hung onto every word. I’ve since learnt that she too will read anything David Malouf writes, so we must be soul mates.

There Should Be More Dancing is a tale of life and love and failure. Poor old Margery Blandon drives the story, telling it piously from behind her cross-stitch and commode. Her family have disappointed and betrayed her and each other and the magic of the story is the relationships and confrontations.

It’s sadness is it’s beauty.

I’ve loved reading this, now I’m heading back to Jonathan Franzen’s Freedom, which I discarded at around 80% completion (he was losing me but I feel I’m ready to go there again now).

By the way, I can now report that Maggie Beer’s Burnt Fig Jam, Honeycomb and Caramel ice cream lives up to the reputation that precedes it. I do not regret any of those calories.

Did you read any great books this weekend?

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