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In Reflection

My week in reflection. Things I have learnt this week include…

I love these shoes. I think I will need to buy them.

I have never tried this and I think I might just be missing out. Plan to work on that this weekend.

Pedicures are a little bit of something that make you feel amazeballs. Even before you have one. I’m not getting my tootsies pampered until tomorrow and I already feel good about mañana’s crimson toenails.

I want one of these tonight but thanks to this week’s sickness I’m probably going to have lots of water and a lemon and ginger tea or two.

What are you getting up to this weekend?


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  2. Sarah says:

    There may or may not be a second tub of that icecream in my freezer now… Ok, there is! There is!

    How soon can you get here??

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