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The Australian Hotel’s Annual Beerfest

I went with a group of friends to The Australian Hotel’s Annual Beerfest on Saturday. It was so much fun. When we got there (bright and early – a full 45 minutes before any of the stalls opened) we bought a tasting cup and ten tickets. You then go from stall to stall and hand over one ticket for a half cup and two for a full one. I tried some beers and ciders I’ve never tried before, some I’d never even heard of before!

The Australian Hotel, before the crowds descended

That man is looking so suspicious of me

In the thick of it


The Designer and I enjoying our tastings. He, a little too much it seems

We were merry and raucous and had a really good time. We got those hats from 7 mate and they took photos of us which they said would be on the website but I can’t find them… click here if you want to have a go. Report in if you have more luck than me ok?

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  1. Found the pics! They must not have uploaded them when I published my post. I’m pulling a total glamour shot in photo 10 and posing with a mate in photo 11.

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