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I am a magnet for hazard

Some people would say I’m a klutz.

They would not be wrong.

Recently I was walking to the bus stop from work. It was dark but not super late and it was raining. There was a small dip in the road. This small and relatively insignificant combination resulted in me going headfirst toward the tarmac. Thankfully, my head did not meet the gravel but my knees did and I have had to kiss my nice Leona Edmiston tights goodbye. I was in a slightly muggy state of confusion as I balanced awkwardly on the road and watched as blood dribbled from my left knee. I looked up and saw The Designer shaking with laughter as a car tried to park around me. Though his body is convulsing and he can hardly stand up straight he offers me his hand. By now, I am cry-laughing. Laughing at myself and crying at myself.

The guy trying to park the car around me paused for a moment to shoot me a quick ‘you’re a pathetic uncoordinated idiot’ look and audibly sigh with what I can only guess was disdain.

By the time we got home I had some difficulty removing the tights from my legs as the two were welded together with blood.

Why am I telling you this story today? Because today, it is raining. And I am going into the city to see Jersey Boys and there is every chance the incident may repeat itself.

Cross your fingers for me!

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